I am excited to announce that I FINALLY found an internship, after a very long search! Sheffield Furniture and Interiors has agreed to take me on as their intern Copywriter in their creative department. I am pretty excited about the opportunity to do real copy work and have things published. I am also quite nervous! What if I run out of creative ideas? How do people keep creative ideas coming about one singular topic over and over and over? I am going to have to start looking for inspiration in the home decor/furniture department! Beyond my own personal fears of not continuing to do “good” for them, I am extraordinarily excited, and feel pretty validated in my own capabilities after being hired (even if it is only an internship). Last time I met with them, they gave me a tour around the whole furniture facility, including the warehouse itself. The company is really amazing, and takes so much time and care in everything they do (appropriate, considering the price of the furniture…. I stood on a $20,000 oriental rug!). I hope that I can learn a lot from them about advertising (in addition to the extensive knowledge I am sure to gain about furniture, hehe). Advertising has always struck me as the kind of thing one has to actually DO (not just learn about) to ever really learn. So, here I go! Will report back soon with updates.