The True Teachings Of A Good Internship

When students hear the word internship, they assume that it will involve a lot of doing the work that no one else wants to be any part of. Running errands, getting coffee and drinks and being the one to run out and fetch lunch for everyone. This is what every intern fears but this is not the way they treat interns at Stream Companies.

From the first day that I entered the doors I was given a logo assignment to do for a new client called “freeonehand.” After that I was always given assignments that were in some way involved with clients that Stream had taken on. Never once was I asked to get coffee or lunch. From Logos to cutting out mat board to researching new clients needs to clipping paths, I was always doing something related to advertising and that is why I loved my internship. I felt as if I were part of the creative team. In the end they asked me to do pen clipping paths for 90 photos and even though it took me over 3 weeks to complete, I still enjoyed doing it because I knew it was going towards the bigger overall project. As an added bonus, I also became really good at clipping paths and now can “bang out” some photos in less then 10 minutes.

As my time at Stream comes to a close I just want to tell everyone who helped me, thank you and that they really taught me a lot. I would also like to continue my internship next semester because it probably will lead to job openings as long as I keep learning the tools and developing my ideas.

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