The World Of STRATA

As a Media Planner/Buyer intern I have become very very familiar with the software STRATA.  Strata Marketing, Inc. is the leader in software for the media industry.  There are many different programs that run on STRATA but for my internship I focus mainly on two programs, VIEW and SBMS Net.  VIEW is the main program used for media planning; it allows you to easy create a full media campaign.  You just plug in your day part (ex: M-Su 6a-7a) and with the certain market you selected it will calculate reach and frequency.   VIEW is easy to learn and makes a media planner’s life much happier.  SBMS Net is similar to VIEW but in SBMS Net you use the data from VIEW to then plug in your number of TV slots and calculate a total for your media plan.  SBMS Net also allows you to easy create invoices, allowing you to quickly email your client the finished media plan.  Both VIEW and SBMS Net are crucial in the world of media planning and buying so I am very glad as an intern to be learning the ways of these two important programs.

-Austin Heron

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