There is no simple dream

Every internship brings us closer to our dream job, but there are always many obstacles on the road to success.

This summer I started a remote marketing internship at Bessense, an international e-commerce company based in London. Fashion is an industry that has always interested me. I am looking forward to a job in this field, and I thought my major in advertising would be good to help me in this internship.

I work mainly with Bessense’s two social media platforms with different functions, and I have some freedom to decide what to post on social media. Every day I have access to a huge amount of fashion information and resources, through which I update the content on social media platforms. In the process I discovered that fashion is truly an enduring industry, always with new trends to chase. The speed and competitiveness of social media updates also require me to keep up with what’s hot (or earlier than what’s hot) in order to satisfy the audience’s desire.

The amount of copy and posts I produced in the beginning left me with little time to think creatively until I started writing a retrospective journal at the end of the work day, which allowed me to grow quickly. At that time, I posted a photo of the Queen at different stages of her life and got almost 30,000 views to coincide with her death. This greatly inspired me to keep learning in order to output effectively.

In addition to this, my job includes reaching out to influencers to participate in our campaigns, and I am constantly changing my message to increase the rate of cooperation.

The internship was admittedly different from the bright and beautiful fashion industry I had imagined, and I encountered many unimaginable difficulties. But in the end, I did gain more knowledge about the industry and saw the continued growth and potential of the fashion industry in the future. My manager was always there for me when I was confused and encouraged me to believe in myself.

Knowing your strengths and being proactive in learning are important skills for a first-time intern. In my internship, I have greatly improved my aesthetic and copywriting skills, as well as my understanding of how to manage social media. I believe this will be a powerful weapon for me in the future, no matter what industry I am in.

There will always be a gap between dreams and reality, but breaking the gap again and again will bring us closer to our dreams.


  1. This internship sounds like a fantastic learning experience that helped you develop and gain knowledge of the industry you want to work in. The skills you gained- like copywriting, which you might not have anticipated using as frequently—are what I find to be especially interesting. Enjoy the remainder of your time at Bessense!

  2. I loved reading your post. I can vouch that there is no simple dream, although I believe that the challenges along the way make the reward much greater. Additionally, pressure creates diamonds, which is why your successful post that coincided with the Queen’s death felt so rewarding. I wish you the best within your internship and entering the fashion industry.

  3. I enjoyed reading this! Your experience is something that I can definitely relate to, where sometimes what you dream and internship or job experience might be very different than the actuality of it. I agree that this gives you a chance to explore new things and find yourself in positions you wouldn’t have imagined. This is a good way to find new passions and hobbies!

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