Think about what appeals to people

Hi! My name is Kozue Hinasato, and I had been interned at hy•lo labs since September. I had many experiences that I could not have at school  through this internship such as meetings with clients, developing contents for social media, shooting videos, and so on. It was one of the best experiences in my college life and also will be a great kickstart for my job-hunting after I graduate in May.

In those great experiences, what I loved most was shooting interviews. As I wrote on my first blog post before, one of the biggest projects that I worked on at my internship was the marketing for new restaurant, Avance. We made webisodes to introduce concepts of the restaurant and also engage targets that are younger professionals. I developed some interview questions and recorded sound at the shootings. We interviewed an executive chef, an owner, sous chefs, and so on, and I was inspired by every single interviews. It was great to know what people think, what people like, or how they grow up. Even though what I heard at interviews were only bit parts of their life, it helped me to understand how much they love what they do. I have never made or been related to interviews since I started studying advertising. However, I realized I love the way it approaches people’s hearts with interviews. If you want to make advertising that appeals to people, understanding them is what you should do at first. I am so glad and appreciate my boss now that I have realized how important this is for advertising.

It is sad that this internship came to an end, but I will keep trying to do my best with this great experience from this internship!



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