Thoughtful Messages From Life-Size Letters

Walking into my internship at Quaker City Mercantile for the first time, I am a bit anxious. I enter the workplace and see enormous letters staring back at me. “Don’t Give Up” it reads. I’m instantly interested in this intern position.

What is this position exactly? I am a copywriting intern at Quaker City Mercantile. QCM is a mid-sized creative advertising agency located in the heart of Center City, Philadelphia. The atmosphere is fun and loose, but yet hardworking (if those things can possibly be combined, they are at QCM). They are fresh, young, and forward thinking. The people here really know what they are doing and are eager to teach what they do so well.

This is my first internship position and it has been quite the learning experience. Being thrown right into the daily mix, I would be lying if I didn’t admit to being a bit overwhelmed at first. But now, having been with QCM for a few weeks, I find that I know what I’m doing and what is required of me. Often I am actively asking for more work and opportunities to learn tricks of the trade from the pros. I handle a wide variety of tasks. Being a copywriting major, I am constantly asked to proofread ads and write up blog posts for clients. I also perform a bunch of business and press functions which, while not be my areas of professional interest, are helping me grasp a better understanding of the company and how to run a business. “Don’t Give Up” still stares at me every day when I come to work and I’m certainly glad that the funky wall art is there.

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