Three Things I’ve Learned to Help

I’ve been at my internship for about three weeks now and these are some of the basic things I’ve found to be very important not just at work but at home as well!


1. Time Management: Between the work that I need to get done here at the internship, the things I need to get done for my portfolio, other miscellaneous tasks I have to completely and trying to squeeze in personal time for stuff like the gym my day to day life is constantly busy from sun up to sun down. Trying to find a way to do it all could definitely cause a burn out. What I’ve learned is to invest in a planner of some sort, whether it’s a physical book or an app on my phone I write everything out that I need to get done. Organization is definitely key. Along with organization comes prioritizing. I’ve realized that Rome wasn’t built in a day so I know that I cannot get everything done in one day. You have to prioritize your task to complete by what’s more important and what’s not as important.


2. Resilience: Once given your role you have to be able to own it. Yes, this is the time to make mistakes but you also have to be resilient and learn from them. You cannot sit and dwell in the mistake. In order to be resilient you also have to be a good problem solver. You will not always be able to run to your manager to ask all the questions. You just may need to be that problem solver and figure it out yourself.


3. Open Minded: In anything in life you have to remember to be open minded to others people’s thoughts, opinions and way of life. In an office setting that means being open to the idea that everyone may not do things the same way you do. You have to be open minded to their process. And sometimes it makes no sense at all. It is good to offer your insight, especially if it’s something that could better a process, but you also have to remember people don’t have to take your advice. So just be open minded but continue to do what works for you.

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