To work in an agency or not to work in an agency?

My name is Dallim Kim and I am a marketing intern at Rossi Wellness Center. Rossi Center is a small medical practice, obviously not an advertising agency. Since I have some experience on the client side,  I am curious as to what it is like to work in an agency.

I always hear that working in an agency is stressful and really fast paced, but on the client side it is a bit more relaxed and not so chaotic. I think I am looking for something in between but I don’t know if that exists.


I did a little research and I found that agencies that are more focused in digital marketing might be my calling. It seems to have a good balance of everything expected in an agency and the client side. One of the agencies I’ve been researching is Seer Interactive located in Philadelphia. They also have a location in San Diego, California, and if I get the chance to relocate to the west coast I would want to work there!

I realized that after working at Rossi Wellness Center, I would want to work in a slightly bigger setting and work place with more employees. My supervisor Barry Eichner, also inspired me to pursue a job in SEO. And Seer Interactive is a small digital marketing agency that focuses in SEO, PPC, and analytics. Hopefully I can get a job offer when I apply for a position at Seer Interactive!




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