Touring the Avenue of the Arts

Since I’ve last blogged, I’ve been given the opportunity to help with a presentation to a group of 50 philanthropists from all over the nation who are touring the city.  AAI (Avenue of the Arts) has been asked to give a tour and history of the avenue.  It’s a chance for us to illustrate how important our organization is and how much we have done for the street and the city.

I have been researching prominent organizations and businesses that have helped to shape Broad Street and to bring it back to life.  The experience has given me the opportunity to become familiar with the organizations and people who are vital to Philadelphia’s unique culture.  On April 11th, I’ll get to help Karen Lewis, our Executive Director, present the information to the group.  It’s a great opportunity to finish off my internship and share with others how the Avenue has greatly helped Broad Street to make Philadelphia a more vibrant and lovable city.

I’ve also realized that this was information I should have researched before even coming on board at the Avenue.  I knew what we as an organization and I also knew a brief history, but knowing about our clients and the city’s history is something I should have looked into more.  Before entering a new company, I plan to do much more research to know and fully understand the organization to the best of my ability.




Rachael Innerst

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  1. That’s interesting that you get to help on something that’s such a big part of the company that you’re working with! It’s good that they’re making you feel part of the team by helping on something that’s important to them.

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