Up next…web design

So the semester is almost over and so is my internship.  I definitely gained experience and learned about crucial aspects of the industry like deadlines and dealing with clients. I also got the chance to work with all types of media in print and web which was really exciting. It gave me an overview of where I want to focus my studies and career in the future. What I liked the most was web design. You can do so much with it and with technology changing everyday who knows what will come next. I must say coding and actually making the whole thing takes time and it’s usually stressful but once you’re done it’s worth it. The whole industry is heading toward that direction and I’m glad I got the experience to do the same.


  1. Web design is a really interesting part of business that often intersects with advertising, I wish we learned more about it in our curriculum! I’ve been doing some work online for my internship and I was totally unprepared for it, did you feel the same?

    • No not really, it was hard at first but I got the chance to learn all the stuff before I got an internship that required me to code.

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