Visual Design Internship

Anthropologie doesnt have any advertising outside the store other than emails and catalogs. Anthro relies primarily on their beauitful handmade designs and creativity to “advertise” to the customer. I think that what they are doing is genius since people keep coming back. Anthro has many loyal customers since their products and clothing are unique and usually hard to find anywhere else.

I am so grateful for this opportunity to be a visual design intern at Anthropologie. It has been a long time dream of mine to work for this company someday because of their creative eye and aesthetics, the design of their product and clothing, and their willingness to do anything they set their mind to. The store is beautifully design and decorated, and it has always been an interest of mine to see how things get worked out behind the scenes. My job is to help the design coordinator in whatever she needs me to do to get things done in time for the holidays. Since i have been interning September through December, We are primarily focused on the holidays. Although i cannot reveal what the overall concept of the store will be in the coming weeks, I can tell you there are long hours of repetition. Often the holiday designs are over the top ideas that are too big for me to comprehend to get done in time (but somehow, it always does!) In the coming weeks, i will post photos of the finished products of my projects that me and about 10 other interns have been helping with on a day to day basis. Please check out the store to see for yourself until then!

click here to check out Anthropologie’s website!

Katie Schmitt

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