Watch Out, Many Products are Getting Macho Makeovers

Illustration: Rob Shepperson; product photos: F. Martin Ramin for The Wall Street Journal
Illustration: Rob Shepperson; product photos: F. Martin Ramin for The Wall Street Journal

Hello, all!  My name is Rosa Doherty.  I’ve been interning with Star Group since September and I’ve loved every busy, crazy minute of it.  I’m lucky to be one of only three interns and I get to work with a lot of different aspects of the agency.   My favorite project I’ve worked on is Shop Scape, Star Group’s own shopper marketing blog.  My job is to find articles and research that shed some light on the often murky waters of consumer’s motivations.  Then, and here’s the exciting part, I get to write about it!  I’m incredibly proud than an agency as prestigious as Star Group attaches their name to my work.

One of the most interesting pieces I’ve written about is “Groceries Become a Guy Thing” from The Wall Street Journal.  It’s no secret that grocery shopping and meal preparation has traditionally fallen under a woman’s domain, but these times they are a’changing.  As more men are taking on roles in the kitchen, they’re spending more time than ever in grocery stores.  These guys have become known as “manfluencers.”  Some brands are choosing to tweak or, in some cases, overhaul their packaging and positioning to appeal to the fellas.

One really interesting example of evolving products is Pro Yo, a protein-packed frozen yogurt.  I have to wonder who passed on the opportunity to name this product BROgurt, but that’s a post for another day.  With it’s stark black box and muscle boosting nutrients, Pro Yo will definitely stand out on the shelves.  Keep an eye out next time you’re at the grocery store, you might see some brands evolving to catch the eyes of these “manfluencers.”

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