Way Up with Skai Blue Media… I Feel Blessed.

My name is John Patrick Henley, but please call me JP. Hello!

My name is John Patrick Henley, but please call me JP. Hello! I am a senior Advertising major in the art direction track. I also love Austin Powers. As of this past semester, I am interning at Skai Blue Media as a graphic design intern. Skai Blue Media is a PR agency based in Center City and takes on many different clients living in the realms of tech, non-profit, and fashion.

Honestly, I was late to the game when looking for an internship. It was a week away from the beginning of the fall semester and I still wasn’t having any luck. Just when I thought I was gonna have to take a major L, I received an email inquiring about an interview with Skai Blue. I jumped at the opportunity and a few days later I was brought on as one of two graphic design interns.

I had my reservations upon taking the internship because Skai Blue is a Public Relations company and I had not had any experience in that field. So I came into the job telling myself that this would be a great learning experience. I would learn about a new field while taking what I know about advertising and implementing that knowledge when applicable. And let me tell ya, so far, so good!

I have been able to have many different great opportunities while working with this very talented team of communicators. Projects that I have been able to work on include being the lead photographer for a social media content shoot for one of our clients. I was brought to New York for the shoot in the clients Upper East Side home. All while being directed by my supervisor, Skai Blue’s Associate Creative Director, I met some great people and established some useful connections, as well as producing work with which everyone was very happy. Other projects include designing Brand Books, event invitations, and company art work.

This is the part of story where I offer up my two cents hoping one lucky someone can take it and make into a dollar (not sure that’s a saying, but it is now), so hear me out. While at Skai Blue Media I’ve gained valuable agency experience that is pretty universal, such as office work flow, project deadlines, and client communication. Like I said, I came into this internship with the intent on learning as much as possible about a new subject and expanding my horizons. If I had one piece of advice for anyone looking for or are interested in any kind of internship, it would be to make the best of it. I’ve heard classic horror stories of students hating their internships, but I think that an internship is what you make of it. You have to adapt and be open to new experiences. Always say yes to any project on which you are asked to work, even if you’re not fully knowledgeable of the subject. Research, communicate with supervisors, and try your best. You will only learn from the experience.

Happy interning!

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