Well, the semester is almost over. I guess I should start getting around to those 3 blog posts…

So for the past 2 and-a-half months or so, I’ve been a Copywriting intern at the Philadelphia agency 160over90.  Looking back, I’m pretty lucky that the only agency to give me an interview and an offer a week before the semester started ended up being a place like 160.  For one, they give you a $20/day stipend, so needless to say, I’ve been absolutely ballin’ out these past few months.  Aside from the obvious monetary benefits, I’ve gotten a lot out of my internship here at 160.

For one, the whole squad here seems pretty young, I don’t think there are many  non-executives here too far in to their 30’s – which is nice because I get to see that youthful, determined energy I’ve read so much about.  (Although it’s not the greatest when you’re a 27 year-old intern running out to get a 50-box of soft pretzels).  At every other job I’ve had up until this point, all my co-workers were either stuck-in-their-ways old or is-this really-why-I-went-to-college young.

I’ve also had a chance to write different types of copy while interning at 160, which is helpful for someone willing to sell-out to any degree for a job.  As someone who always wanted to be a writer, and more of a Hunter S. Thompson than a David Ogilvy, I’ve always written the way I wanted to write – snarky, sarcastic, and fueled by illegal substances.  While some to all of those characteristics can be found in advertising copy at any time, I’ve realized that I have to tone down my voice at times.  It may be okay when I’m chastising the global community about the rampant spread of stupidity, but when I’m writing website copy for the faith-based University of Dayton, it’s nice to know I can reel it back in a little.

All-in-all my time at 160over90 has been enjoyable and educational and I feel like I’ve read that same statement in every blog post about internships.  But I felt like this was a reasonable way to open up my blog posts and hopefully next time I’ll have something completely inappropriate to talk about.


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  1. I’ve heard awesome things about 160over90 thats awesome you got to intern there! We had a guest speaker from there and the one thing I remember him telling us is “if you walk into an office and you don’t hear laughing, it’s probably not the job you want”. And he said he had tons of accounts going at once but he loved every minute of his job, so that’s awesome you got to be a part of that!

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