Weston Fitness – Health Fair

After working at Weston Fitness doing their PR, Marketing, and Advertising for two months, my boss and I planned a Health Fair in the lobby of 1818 Market (a huge office building on Market Street).  In order to set this up, I a lonely intern, got to go sit in on a meeting with the owner of this building in his beautiful office furnished luxuriously with a long mahogany conference table.  He agreed to have the Health Fair in his lobby and we got started with the planning.  We had to get all the staff in the fitness center to be able to work with us for the day in order to make this event a success.  I made flyers that were email blasted to all the businesses in that building and created different raffles and games that would make the fair more exciting.  I contacted local businesses in the area that would supply food, such as bagels, fruit, coffee/tea, and samples of other healthy foods.  I controlled where the tables went and how the signs were hung in order to catch the most attention of the crowd, but we could only do so much with the space that was available.  We had a projection on the wall with images of the fitness center and what we offer.   Some of our trainers were able to demonstrate how to use some of our equipment such as kettle bells, and others were able to give free fitness analysis by checking blood pressure and if the participant wanted, they would check their body fat percentage.  Our partners at Phila Massage gave free massages, which the employees really enjoyed.  Overall the event was a great success.  It enabled us a chance to tell everyone where we are located (right across the street, but its not extremely noticeable) and we got a bunch of membership signups, which according to my boss is “HUGE!”  I learned that it takes the cooperation of everyone at a business in order to make such a large event a success.  Everything worked out without a problem, and now I am looking back on the event and thinking of ways in which to make the next one even better!

(Setting up for the Health Fair)

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