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My name is Matt Crawford and I am currently the marketing and advertising intern at Weston Fitness. Weston is located in the heart of Center City Philadelphia and is known as one of the premier fitness centers in the area. I was happy to receive the opportunity to do advertising for a company that provides a service that I enjoy part taking in.

So far this experience has taught me a lot. I have definitely brushed up on my Photoshop skills, learned how to identify a more concrete target audience, the inter-relationship between sales and advertising and also how to coup with the hour and 20 minute commute to work.

If I had to point out one of the negatives about my knowledge in advertising, it would have to be my lack of Photoshop skills. I am graduating in August with a copy writing degree. I never took an art direction course during my term at Temple which often held me back. I have been interning at Weston for 7 weeks now and my Photoshop ability went from a really bad to decently ok. It is awesome how much more I am capable of doing now that I have learned the ins and outs of the program.

I was originally worried about the lengthy commute from my home in Bucks County to Center City, but it has gotten easier and easier with time. Now that I have gotten accustomed to the commute, I have will have more options for future employment.

So far my experiences at Weston have been very beneficial for me. Not only have I been doing advertising during my hours but have started to dabble in sales. This has come as good timing as I currently applied for several inside sales positions…crossing my fingers!

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