What a Rush

What a Rush

For the past two months I’ve been interning at a full service ad agency called Siquis as a junior account executive. It is located in Baltimore and it relatively small with about 30 people employed there.

I wanted to talk about one of the craziest days I had so far at Siquis. I start my day by checking my email and getting ready for my daily status call with one of our clients. These daily calls are about 20 minutes. We also have a longer status call every Wednesday.

By the time this status call ended I had about 20 emails that came in talking about a new promotion program one client is working one. I had to drop what I had planned for that day because this was an urgent issue. I was running back and forth between the art director, copywriter and the programmer to make sure they had everything they needed.

In the middle of all that I was about to take lunch when the President of the company grabbed me and said he needed my help. It was about noon and Siquis had a proposal due for a new client by 2 and we still needed to get together the binders needed to give the possible new client.

I was literally jogging through the office to help get these binders together. When it was all ready we had about 30 minutes to get downtown to drop them off. I got to go with one of the account executives to deliver this package.

It was so much fun to be under the clock like that and feel the rush of advertising. We were driving like crazy people (but legally and safely) to get there and literally ran through the building to get it delivered on time. We got it done with 2 minutes to spare.

With all that craziness going on I still had a ton to do to make sure everything was ready for my other clients. It was the first day that I didn’t have time for lunch.

It was a crazy feeling to go from checking emails, thinking it was going to be a normal day, then for all this stuff to happen plus everything I had planned. The fact that I have been at Siquis for about 2 months and haven’t yet followed my agenda for the day is what I love about working in an ad agency. Never knowing what is going to happen is what keeps me on my toes and makes everyday anything but boring.

Even with all this craziness, Siquis makes sure to show their love for their employees. Here is a picture of when we threw a surprise baby shower for a co-worker. We all made a different onesie for her baby and she liked them all. I tried to draw a tie and belt, hahaha.

image image

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