What a Wicked Web Agencies Weave

While studying advertising at Temple, have have begun to realize how many directions it could take me in my career. I could become a media analyst, creative graphic designer, an account executive… and the list goes on.In my experience there are about 8 major departments in a small advertising agency. These are (of course) broken down even further to have various positions within a department.

While working at a small(ish) agency  I have been lucky enough to get a better understanding of these fields. Account Management communicates with Project Management, both who talk with all departments. Each department needs information from another sector in order to complete the work they need to do for an account. For example, Creative needs to talk to:

– Strategy to make sure their ideas are in line with the strategy

– Media to get dimensions for pieces that need to be made

– Project management to manage their time/bandwidth

– UX/IA to correctly follow the wireframes

– Tech to transfer files in order for them to be build correctly

… and that is just the beginning.

This is just to show how important communication is within an agency. If one group is not great at talking to another department, things will start to fall a part. Everything in an agency is a chain reaction and communication is one of the many contributions to a successful campaign.

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