This semester I had the opportunity to work at one of the top websites for LGBTQ travelers looking for gay-friendly destinations and activities. provides welcoming and inspiring destinations, accommodations, cruises, tours, events, entertainment, attractions, clubs, restaurants, and venues curated specifically for LGBTQ travelers. The company has been featured in the New York Times and Wall Street Journal and has assisted the U.S. Department of State with feedback in developing safe protocols for LGBTQ travelers. On average sees a million viewers per year in addition to working with nearly 150 other businesses, hotels, companies, and other venues.

My position during my time there was involved with digital marketing. Social media outreach, blog production, and dissemination and building newsletter subscriber growth were some of the main things I was involved with, with the addition of some impromptu tasks. 

I am very thankful for the opportunity and I learned a great deal. The following touches upon some of my experiences, as well as some of the things I improved upon or learned while working for this company.

  • Time management is essential. While everyone knows this, for me at least, it’s not till you’re really involved in the workplace that it becomes pertinent. has only a handful of employees running the organization, meaning even interns have a lot to manage. Keeping timelines and noting progress is important.
  • Communication is key. No one benefits if anyone is out of the loop. With the large amount of tasks comes a lot of people relying on others. It’s natural for this to lead to issues, but with helpful communication, everyone stays on the same page.
  • You get in what you put out. There’s no hiding at this organization, a strong work ethic and a dedicated mindset are what gets you by. 

Learning is what moves you forward, I am thankful and appreciative for the chance to do so and I appreciate all who were involved.