Hi, I’m Hennah and I am currently a third year student at Temple University! I am studying advertising with a concentration in account management.  With lots of applications uploaded onto KleinConnect, I have gotten to work with some awesome companies such as Insomnia Cookies and Coca-Cola. I have also landed numerous internships (like my current one) through this portal.

As of right now, I currently am working as a digital marketing intern at Scribewise agency.  Scribewise is a small, content-first agency, located right in the heart of center city on Walnut Street.  This is my first experience working at an agency and I’m thankful I get to experience it all with my current team.

Here’s a little more about what I have learned so far during my first agency experience:


Culture is a really important aspect of any job.  From my experience, it’s important to not only like where you are working, but to feel comfortable as well. Scribewise is a tight-knit group, that welcomed me with open arms. Throughout my time working with them, I have been free to ask any and all questions, making my learning experience very easy. Not only am I relaxed, but my atmosphere is fun! Team meetings are a part of every morning session, breeding collaboration right off the bat.  There are also fun food trips every now and then. Yum!


During my time at Scribewise, I have been assigned tons of different projects.  Some projects are more intensive, taking weeks at a time, to a day long or hour long to finish.  With lots of clients, there is always a lot to work on. Scribewise has allowed me to grow my skill sets in analytics, SEO, social media, content marketing and beyond.


As I mentioned above, Scribewise has a lot of different clients.  I’ve had the opportunity to work on brick and mortar businesses to nonprofits and health brands. All of my prior experience has been on the in-house side, so being hands on with all different businesses is exciting for me.  My brand portfolio keeps growing and growing.


Last, but certainly not least, I have learned that people are always going to have their strengths and weaknesses.  As a growing student, I have always felt the need to have strong skills in all aspects of advertising, but as time goes on, this agency has taught me that’s not always necessary.  Working in a collaborative atmosphere has helped me realize there will most likely always be someone who has a solution to your current problem and most times, two minds are better than one. People have their strong suits, especially within an agency, and I am forever grateful to have realized that, all thanks to Scribewise.