When a car fan really gets into the automobile business

At the beginning of this blog, let me introduce myself. My name is Rossi Han, I am a senior advertising student with the media planning concentration at Temple University.

My name is Rossi Han, I am a senior advertising student with the media planning concentration at Temple University. From August to the end of December this year, I worked as an intern in CAC Auto Group for social media marketing. CAC Auto Group’s main business is selling used cars to Asian customers, offering leasing and after-sale services.
First of all, the internship taught me that no matter how important data is, we are ultimately dealing with people, and we should always put people first. I learned this lesson from my boss, the head of the marketing team. The analysis strategies we use in our work, such as SWOT analysis, target audience analysis, demographic analysis, and so on, are actually analyzing people and everyone’s psychology. Whether it is advertising on social media or interacting with potential customers in different social media groups, these are actually subtly influencing the psychology of those potential customers. The most appropriate example is the advertisement of State Farm, an insurance company. They add their unique sound effects at the beginning and end of each advertisement. Whenever a potential customer wants to choose an insurance product, the first picture with state Farm logo and ding dong sound effect will inevitably appear in his mind, so a good advertising and marketing tactic must reach people’s hearts.
During this internship, I found that everyone in the company seemed to be good at establishing and maintaining good customer relations, which is the ultimate goal of advertising and marketing, and I think this is also the direction I need to strengthen my study in the future, Since my concentration is media planning, I might have gotten so wrapped up in marketing data that I lost track of the real purpose of advertising and marketing. This is also my advice to first-time interns in the industry, don’t forget the real purpose of advertising and marketing, we are ultimately dealing with a human-based customer base.
This is my internship experience. I am very grateful to CAC Auto Group for giving me such an internship opportunity. I’ve learned a lot from this internship that I could not learn in class. At the same time, I am also grateful to my supervisor, who made me understand the truth that everything is people-oriented and the difference between actual practice and theory.

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  1. This sounds wonderful, Rossi! I too love the automotive space, and find this company to be a great resource for Asian people. Being that my girlfriend is a first generation Chinese immigrant, I can see how a service like this would really benefit her family if they did not have the support system that they do. I wish you all the success in your post graduate life.

    Sean Henning

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