When you wear different hats, you’ll find that one size doesn’t fit all.

On paper, my role at ChatterBlast, a digital marketing services company in Philadelphia, is clear and concise: Research and Reporting intern.

In real life though, my role isn’t so clean cut. While most of my work is typically research-centered (creating data reports, forming influencer lists, analyzing client information, etc.), I’ve also had the opportunity to wear some other hats in the office.

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When I work on research or reporting tasks, I mentally sport some super sleuth headgear (think Sherlock Holmes – minus the pipe). I’m on the lookout for clues and insights; anything that can help me come up with a recommendation or a more informed point of view. The work may be a quiet process, but it’s anything but elementary.

Sometimes there’s a shake-up though, and I find myself doing something a bit more creative. In these moments, I’m donning a classic beret, and using my artists toolkit to come up with some fresh ideas. For example, I’ve contributed to campaign brainstorms, written social content for several clients, and developed and created blog posts based on client needs, as well as my own take on aspects of social media.

Though my official title falls comfortably into the world of numbers, I still have a love of writing that just won’t seem to go away. Early in the semester, someone at ChatterBlast once asked to me to copy-edit the draft of a blog post. Since then it’s happened again and again. When someone comes to me for a pair of editors eyes, I throw on a yellow hard hat and start the process of written reconstruction.

So far I’ve really enjoyed all the different types of research and clients that I’ve come to know while at ChatterBlast. I’m glad though, that the opportunity to try out different roles (and try on different hats), has made my experience as an intern that much richer.

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  1. Love the visualization of all the different hats you wore at ChatterBlast! Sounds like you’ve been busy and managed all of your roles well! Awesome post.

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