During my time at Temple News, I have found one common feature among most to all of the people that work within the office … Stubbornness. I won’t be a hypocrite and not include myself under this category. It is a very prevalent trait with its strengths and weaknesses. One that leads to confidence, determination and passion for ones work. On the other hand it reveals ignorance, can make a person difficult to work with and create ripples in the working environment. This is a trait with dangerous implications if used in the wrong way but if properly asserted it can have excellent results. What I have seen is that most people choose not to recognize this trait in both lights which I find to be a huge mistake. While most rely on this aspect of their personality they fail to exploit it to its full potential and fall to the way side when it gets in the way. It’s your own life and you know your selves well enough but it might be worth evaluating your strengths and their weaknesses in turn your weaknesses and their strengths. You never know what you can find that could help you in the future.

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