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Hi all! My name is Natalie Sirolli, I’m currently an intern at LevLane finishing up a Digital Media internship and I’d like to share some of my experiences at LevLane with you.

Hi all! My name is Natalie Sirolli, I’m currently an intern at LevLane finishing up a Digital Media internship and I’d like to share some of my experiences at LevLane with you. I’ve been with this ad agency for about eight months now, spanning over two semesters at Temple. During this internship, I’ve learned a multitude of skills spanning over various departments within the agency – new business development, media planning, digital analytics, etc. and because of this I feel like I have a multifaceted set of skills that I never imagined I would have.


My time at LevLane has given me the chance to experience agency life firsthand. I have had the opportunity to sit in on meetings with vendors and clients, to assist with new business development (as well as be first point of contact for some vendors), and to work as freely as I’d like without direct supervision. Meeting vendors and clients, contacting vendors myself, and organizing myself while taking initiative has not only helped me become a better advertising professional, but has helped me become much more professional in general. I’ve specifically learned to be independent and to take initiative when possible. Sometimes I had breaks in between tasks, and instead of sitting around waiting for additional assignments, I would try to supplement my learning and wound up getting my Google Analytics certification. While this wasn’t required, it was appreciated by my superiors. Adjusting to office life and potentially a corporate setting isn’t always something you get to practice or experience while still in school, so I’m grateful to have this practice before starting my career because I know I will adjust to wherever I end up working.


In addition to LevLane preparing me for the professional world, I gained equally important skills I never thought I’d get the chance to learn. While coming into a digital media internship, I thought the work I’d be getting would be heavy on data analysis and that’s all that I would do. Upon starting, I was pleasantly surprised to learn I’d be doing data analysis but also things that typically fall under media coordination – i.e. how to process and bill invoices, how to research for new business development and how to implement media planning best practices. Reinforcing what I’ve learned in school (how to analyze data in a meaningful way) while introducing me to new disciplines has made me an interesting candidate for employers, and I wish I had enough time left to continue trying out tasks for different departments.


LevLane is a great agency filled with people who love what they do, and it shows. There are a number of people here who are inspiring both for their work ethic but also their talent. I feel as though I’ve learned a great deal from the people I’ve worked with, and I only hope to match their stride and capabilities in my own career.


  1. This is great! I also had a great time at LevLane as an Account Management Intern a year ago. People at there are very helpful. I know a lot of people even got a fulltime offer after their internship at there!

  2. I loved reading this! I am hoping to apply for an internship with LevLane next semester and this gave me some great insight on what to expect. It’s also great to that they are giving you that real-world experience!

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