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This is my second semester interning at LevLane. I work with the media department to buy, plan, and track media for our clients KFC, Taco Bell, Kennedy Health and others. For the last couple of months I have been working on Overnights, creating media proposals, and invoicing. I recently did my first completed media plan and buy myself. It felt awesome! I completed the proposal to the client, he approved the plan, and I made the buy. It is really satisfying knowing that what I am doing on a day to day basis is something that I could see in the real world and go “I did that!” Now I am not in advertising to just see my results and be able to brag about it, but the fact that I am still a student and doing that makes the internship program here invaluable. Everyone I work with on a day to day basis at LevLane are willing to help me in anyway I need.

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  1. This sounds so amazing. I would feel really accomplished too if I was able to see an advertisement and know that I contributed to it being produced. How long does it normally take you to create advertisements for one client? Were you nervous when you had to go to the client to get the proposal approved? I know that being thrown in front of the client to make the pitch for the first time would give me a couple of butterflies. Congratulations.

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