Why Interning Should Be a Top Priority

When we're out there looking for an internship or a job, most of us are super picky and try to find something that is “the right fit” or the “right environment”.

When we’re out there looking for an internship or a job, most of us are super picky and try to find something that is “the right fit” or the “right environment.” But, half of us don’t even know what that is for ourselves, and the only way to find out is through as many experiences as possible. When I first started my journey obtaining my advertising degree two years ago, my only intentions were to get my degree as fast as possible and try to get a job right after. I knew that I DID NOT want to intern. And how could I possibly fit that in anyway? I was already working full time on top of taking classes full time. Long story short, an internship was the last thing on my mind. However, one of my first classes I remember being so scared when I heard that internships are mandatory. All of a sudden, my plans of ducking low and quietly getting my degree came to an end. How would I possibly fit an internship into my already busy schedule? That, and how would I even go about getting one? I had no connections whatsoever, and had no plans of making them.


Fast forward two years later, and I’m already a month into my internship at a media agency. I never even thought I would be here two years ago. I was too scared to network, and too scared to even consider interviewing. However, my time at Temple has fostered so many connections: especially with professors that have helpfully guided me along the way. My confidence in the knowledge I’ve gained about advertising and media planning has grown along with these connections as well.


I am someone who does not like asking for help, and will stay my own course and problem solve on my own. If you are reading this and feel the same, ITS OK TO ASK FOR HELP. Especially from professors. They are 100% willing to help, and I am a testament to that.  


Lastly, to the people who feel too scared and nervous to go after that internship or job, don’t be. You never know what you want until you try. For me, personally, serving as an intern has led me to consider that I do not want to pursue a career in exactly what my track concentration. Interning allows you to experience work life in certain environments, and lets you look into the day to day life of people doing tasks in the job you are pursuing. For this reason, I learned interning is so valuable because it really shows you what you may or may not want in your future.

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