When you first get your internship, you research the company, you find info about your future coworkers, you learn about the benefits. You make sure to stay informed and prepared for that first day. Those are the internship vibes that we all go through once we land that opportunity. Now imagine that feeling, but 10 times more as you think about starting your own business, except at that time the cons outweigh the pros tremendously. Michelle Carfagno, CEO of The Greater Knead, located in Bensalem PA expressed this as she went about starting her business. Now as a woman it can be challenging to start a business; however being apart of the Women’s Business Enterprise National Council allowed her to confidently put forth her business and be apart of community that supports you! 

I never fully grasped the concept of working for a Woman Owned Business. Yes, did it feel cool to say, but what does that do. As I wind down this internship, it was awesome to experience that feeling of women helping each other out, of being in a community where we encourage confidence in whatever crazy idea you have. Women taking charge in the food industry and ultimately women who just want to rule the world. This company may be small. but I believe it’s a force to be reckoned with.