Word of Advice: Stay organized

The single most important things that I’ve learned from my internship and Lunchbox is that organizations is key. It is absolutely essential that you keep track of everything. This includes, but is not limited to, note on meetings, notes from clients, emails, contact, new files, old files, EVERYTHING!

I considered myself to be a fairly organized person before, but I can definitely say that I am an expert of organization now. I now keep both physical and electronic versions of EVERYTHING that deals with a client separated in specific folders or binders. Plus all of my files/folders/binders are dated and then listed alphabetically.

Yes, I realizes that this seems like a ton of extra unnecessary work, but it definitely comes in handy to know where everything is. You never know when something unexpected may come up and a file from months ago may be needed. Better safe than sorry, I’d say.

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