Work, Play & Puppies

Work is almost as important as play at LevLane…almost.

On my last day, I walked into the 4th floor office of the Wanamaker Building and was greeted by familiar faces. Mostly.

Today happened to be the photoshoot for the agency’s new website and the team brought their puppies in as part of the shoot! The office was barricaded with play pens for the pooches and walking around the agency was like walking through a petting zoo! A Labradoodle in the Traffic department, a Pug playing with the Art Directors, a Maltese by Media’s side, two Pitbull mixes wrestling next to the Account team and a Yorkshire Terrier licking the fingernails of one of the Copywriters – needless to say, it was quite a pleasant surprise!


The pups are friendly, playful and lovable…just like LevLane! The agency is currently going through a rebrand, one I saw develop firsthand. This past month or so, I’ve been able to sit in on key internal meetings as the team brainstormed ways to redesign their website. Led by the digital mastermind himself – Drake Newkirk –  the agency has been strategizing ways to enhance their image and reintroduce themselves to the Philly ad agency scene.

Wire-framing basics, SEO and content creation are just some of the things talked about in the internal meetings I attended. It was great for me to sit in on these particular meetings due to my interest in digital marketing and interactive media. I got to see how strategic planning influences decision making when it comes to web design and development. Throughout my time here, I’ve come to realize how much work truly goes into each and every move an agency makes.

Whether it be bringing puppies to the office, playing Jeopardy with the interns or buying pretzels for the whole agency – they stay true to their playful image while still creating amazing work that produces results.

And it begs to ask the question: Who Loves Ya?

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