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PGW Information Services Interns of 2011-2012

Since last summer, I have been interning at Philadelphia Gas Works two blocks from Temple’s campus. Towards the beginning, I made posters & conducted surveys for employees dealing with security in the office. While my main focus is in Advertising, I am minoring in IS & T. Therefore, during Fall semester of 2012, I switched positions to the IT department fixing mobile laptops. It was great interning at an organization that can provide me experience in both fields. Because I still wanted to stay here & use this internship to get credit, I switched to Technical Writing to enhance my copywriting abilities. So far, I’ve written 3 documents dealing with various hardware and software installments. It doesn’t sound exciting but I’m just grateful I have an internship because this is my first ever. The projects I’ve been working on is interesting because it’s very techonology-based which interests me. For example, I had to document the steps to re-imaging a mobile laptop & my next project is to inform new users to a Microsoft software application that will be used at PGW. I know I’m not working with clients or working on a creative brief, but I’m thinking if I could intern at places that are somewhat related to advertising, it’ll help me in the long run.

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  1. I think this is awesome because I too am working at a non-traditional internship. I feel as though if you’re getting a little bit of the experience as you go along it will take you a long way. So good job!! Lol

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