Hi! My name is Mike according to data-driven insights of my introduction history. Currently, I am a senior advertising student at Temple University, with a focus in brand strategy & research. In addition, I am currently working as a Data Analysts and Marketing intern at Financial GPS, a subscription based Bookkeeping company based in Philadelphia.

While at work, I take client data and build out graphs and charts in order to offer marketing recommendations for the company. Most of my work is done in the open source coding program RStudio. This includes data wrangling, and data visualization. Before working at Financial GPS I didn’t know the first thing about coding and never pictured myself as a programmer. However, once I began exploring the capabilities of the software, I developed a deep appreciation for the art of programming.

It may seem like this type of work isn’t all that relevant for the world of advertising at first glance but in actuality, data analysis is vital for the advertising industry. Especially as industries begin to shift to digital. Data is numbers, and numbers don’t lie. Understanding consumer behavior is essential for effective marketing and advertising efforts. And reviewing consumer data is a great way to do that.

In addition to the hands-on work, by interning at Financial GPS I have had the chance to sit and talk to business professionals to develop a lasting relationship and learn more about operations at Financial GPS. All of the employees here are friendly and are willing to work with you and even teach you what you need to know to be successful. I am grateful for the opportunity to intern at such a progressive company and I am grateful for them for exposing me to the world of programming and helping me develop my coding skills.

These skills aren’t just restricted to the advertising and marketing industries, these are skills that I can take to anywhere. As the internship comes to an end, I plan to continue to work with RStudio and develop my programming literacy.