Working for a Small Business

My internship was totally different than your typical internship. I worked for Sukkatash, a one man show who mostly focused in film to promote customers, along with working with HyLo boutiques as their creative director. This one man is Lendl Tellington, a really good friend of mine.


He’s been my friend since he was my TA at UArts when I was 16. Last semester he sat me down and told me he wanted me to be his intern. Of course I said yes. I could fill my internship requirement, and work with my mentor. Usually when you have an internship, you’re not this close and casual with a boss. It’s a unique experience going into work and being able to do your task while telling your boss your crazy weekend stories and joking with him about the fact that he only ever wears dark colors.

My boss does everything himself, so I was more of a personal assistant than just an intern. I would show up every day and he’d have a list for me of things he didn’t have time to do. That meant mostly organizational things. I spent a lot of time making spreadsheets of potential clients along with websites and magazines to promote him and his clients. Practice your Excel! You will need it! I also wrote tons of emails to these people to get the word out. When you work for a small business, you have to work extra hard to people learn who you are and appreciate the company’s work.

There were tons of perks to working as an intern for a one man show. I got to go to tons of events and network with really cool people. My boss even paid for me to go to New York with him. Plus he bought me lots of food. There’s nothing better than free food.

Although someday I will love to get the experience to work at a big agency, I’m so thankful to have been able to experience working for a small company.

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