Working Hands-On

As advertising majors, we tend to talk a lot about concepts but we never really experience much hands-on work in the classroom. At my internship at the Temple Small Business Development Center, I received much more hands-on training. My favorite part of the internship was working on website builders, such as Wix and Weebly to edit and manage website content for my businesses. Although I did not have much creative freedom when using these platforms, I learned a lot of valueable skills about SEO, content building, and importance of detail.I also used a graphics website called Piktochart, which I discovered during sophomore year as an infographic builder, as a way to make promotional materials for my clients. I worked on a lot of flyers, booklet covers, and brochures. Experiencing more hands on work made me wish that we saw more of it in the classrooms. Even though advertising doesn’t specifically require website building, I think it is a great skill to have. Another part of interning that I found interesting was seeing analytics on Facebook and ConstantContact. It is very interesting to see what Facebook and email blasts look like from the business side. I have definitely gained a new appreciation for mass emails and smaller business’ websites from my experience working with these platforms.

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