Working in the basement, but moving up

My dear advertising colleagues, I can only hope that this semester has brought you as much sweat, blood, and tears as it has to me. My name is Hillary Redisch, I am an Advertising Account Manager major about 3 weeks away from graduating, and I’m scared as hell. I’m scared in the best possible way because there is so much to explore and do in the world. I’m allowed to say that because after three internships my experience has taught me there is much more than what we just do in the classroom. This Spring semester I was  able to work with Campus Recreation’s Marketing Department as their social media intern. Most if the time I spent my days on the “upgraded” Dell computer unable to use Adobe Photoshop or any other quick loading services that I really needed for my job. But, I was constantly learning new ways to market to the masses here on campus. My office atmosphere was a combination of tension, minimal man power, and  a lot of laughter. As the only intern during the semester, I was assigned the task to create a fun and engaging marketing plan for the 2nd Floor Fitness Mezzanine in Pearson and McGonigle halls to build awareness and increase unique student usage. The entire execution was my responsibility for the semester. Creating the plan, making questions for the survey, collecting data, designing flyers, and writing social media posts was all included. After presenting my final marketing plan to the Associate Director, Assistant Director (my boss), and Operations Manager, I was pretty sure that I nailed it. They were blown away by how in-depth my research had been, and the fact that the way the department had been advertising the Fitness Mezzanine was  not correct. Being able to show my client a more effective and efficient solution to the current problem, and having them agree with my idea was the best feeling in the world.

Friends, it is the little victories in life and in our careers we have to celebrate and enjoy. This “little” marketing campaign is now going to be implemented for the 2014 Fall Semester. You might even see some of my work up now in Pearson and McGonigle halls, and if you do, let me know. For me,this internship also taught me balance because I was Account Manager for The TADA Awards/Advertising Department’s 10th Anniversary Celebration for DEC. I’m not going to lie, I’ve never worked this hard in my life. Handling two major projects was more than enough for me. But, it was so worth it. So keep working hard, and I promise you, your work will be recognized.

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