“Wow, this is just like what I’ve done in class..”

Perhaps one of the most surprising things to me I have discovered while interning at the advertising agency Tierney, and I’m not sure why, is just how much of the skills and knowledge I have been taught in my advertising classes thus far are actually utilized on a daily basis in the profession. Now I know that might sound a little silly, but oftentimes for me it was hard to imagine putting to use what I have learned in a real-life situation so now that I am being given the chance to do so it almost feels unreal. The fact that the research projects I am being assigned are being utilized by creative teams that are going to make actual campaigns out of knowledge that I compiled and maybe even be inspired that insights I helped identify is really awesome. Knowing that competitive decks I am often asked to help build are being shared with actual big-budget clients, such as TD Bank, is very cool. Hearing client demands and dilemmas that almost directly mimic those that Professor Donnelly featured in his Account Management case studies is almost comforting in that I know that I will be well equipped to deal with such situations when my time comes to. It is relieving to realize that the advertising department has sculpted a valuable curriculum that has for sure left me feeling well-prepared to enter any agency feeling confident that I possess enough industry knowledge and skills that will hopefully quickly help make me a recognized asset in their workplace.


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