Wrapping up at WOGL

Sadly, my last day at WOGL is coming up, tomorrow actually!  There were many ups and downs at my internship, but overall I believe it to be a successful learning experience.  While I did have “intern responsibilities” like file invoices and sales orders and fold WOGL promo t-shirts, there were other aspects that of the job where I got to learn about advertising sales and promotions.  I’ve met many people at WOGL that I will have a connection with for my future and further ventures in the advertising realm.  This is great cause I basically built my “network” up about 2-fold (YAY!).

My main responsibilities on the Advertising Sales department was to shadow Account Executives, but later on into the internship I got more responsibilities.  The sales manager, Ashley Kuhms, had gotten a promotion up in New York City and WOGL did not have time to fill her spot before she left.  She was basically the glue that held the sales team together.  So I got to help the Local Account Manager out with sales orders and leads more when Ashley was gone.  This gave me even more insight into the field of ad sales, mostly with the numbers and how business and advertising work together.  I was happy that I could help out more with advertising sales because at first it was just the account executives that were helping me out and personally teaching me a thing or two.

At first I liked the Advertising Sales Dept. more, but as time went on I started to like the Promotions Dept. just as much (maybe even better!).  I liked helping out with promotional events, but I also started to have more responsibilities in this department also.  Whenever an event like South Jersey Sings or Pastapalooza was low on participants, I was the one my manager turned to to find more potential participants and persuade them into joining the event.  I wasn’t just making phone calls for prize winners anymore, but I was helping out with the structure of promotional events more and more– although the last day I did end up folding hundred of t-shirts, but I’ll forgive them for that 🙂

Being my first internship, I think this was a good stepping stone for the rest of my future endeavors.  It wasn’t too had but it wasn’t easy either.  I was given responsibilities and I think I did a good job at fulfilling them.  I would recommend this internship for anyone looking for one!


-Ashley Phung

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  1. Totally know the feeling of starting out slow. By the end of my internship it felt great that my supervisors trusted me with more responsibility. It sounds like you did a good job! Congrats!

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