Wrapping up my Internship

Interning at a television station has taught me a  lot this summer. Long drives into New Jersey, hours of co-editing, close captioning, that is, repeating everything being said on screen into a microphone, and blogging has added up to an exhausting, but very rewarding couple of months.

Being able to observe and be a part of real-world, professional production and business is truly exciting and has given me a much more realistic outlook on future career goals, more so than working with peers in a college environment. While I have gotten to meet people who have inspired me, and some who have made me want to stay in college forever, all in all I’m glad to say that along with becoming co-workers, I have become friends with many of the people at my work.

On my first day of work I felt like I was back in High School looking for a seat at lunch period. Now, as my internship progressed I became friends with the people I began seeing every week and grew more and more comfortable coming into work. Though this internship was very different from most of the restaurant and retail jobs I have had, one thing still holds true, you must start from the bottom, and work your way up. A waiter usually starts as a busboy, and an Account Executive generally starts in lower end production.

Though I may branch out to another field of advertising other than television in the future, the lingo I have learned, situations I have been a part of, and people I have met have been invaluable to my career. I hope to maintain a relationship with the people I have met at WMCN both socially, and professionally.

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