Xfinity Comes to a Closing

Throughout the summer I had a great experience at Xfinity Live! doing a lot of the Audio/Visual work for the venue. This included being in charge of all the TV’s in the venue, and doing a little bit of DJing. As the summer comes to an end, so does my time at Xfinity, but not before some interesting things I’ve worked on!


At first I started working on Motion Graphics for the billboards at my supervisor’s other venue. I then started making things for Xfinity Live. This includes advertisements for upcoming events, and even event media, such as video graphics for the displays. I gained a lot of knowledge and this was an awesome experience. The image you see above was from an event by Artists and Instigators. They needed artwork for the ribbon board. It’s fully animated! At the event, The owners of Artists and Instigators wanted Marck Ecko, the CEO of Ecko clothing, to help fund some of their projects. The event was huge, with a couple hundred investors. They chose to have this at Xfinity Live.

Another interesting event that happened was a national marketing conference. It was exciting to be at this conference for free! There were a bunch of different speakers that appeared, including restaurant owners, and other business men. They spoke about many different techniques, problems, and solutions to new marketing strategies and other ideas.

For some reason, there was a really nice car they were trying to show off at the marketing event. It was the world’s first car with a curved solar panel. It is definitely worth posting though. It’s a really expensive car. I forget what it was called. I didn’t get much of a chance to look at it.


Overall, working at Xfinity Live was an amazing experience. I learned so much and there was so much to do. I wish I could post some other stuff I’ve done.

Bonus video! The external link is a video I have been working on for Xfinity Live’s ribbon board. I’ve made a bunch of them for the Eagles, since the football season is right around the corner. If you go to Xfinity Live, and the Eagles score a touchdown, check out the ribbon board. I most likely made the graphics!

Eagles Ribbon Board test

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