My name is Anto Keshgegian, a senior studying Advertising and a member of the Temple Men’s basketball team. I’m currently serving as an intern with Keller Williams real estate in Center City. Working with experienced Keller Williams agents is the best thing to do. It’s the same as playing against older and better players. When you practice with people, who are better than you, you get better yourself. I learned that that is true here at Keller Williams as well. If you work beside someone who is more experienced than you then, you are bound to learn more and get more out of your experience. So far, from this experience, I’ve learned the importance of communication when it comes to being successful in real estate. It seems like an obvious trait that you need to have, but to see it first hand and to do it yourself is the best learning experience you can get. I’m enjoying my time here at Keller Williams and am excited to take part in Philadelphia real estate soon. It’s an amazing city with crazy potential, it’s becoming extremely popular, and it has plenty to offer new and current residents.