You win some, You lose some

Just like with anything else in life, some times you have a good day and some times you have a bad day.  There are ups and down to everything, including the ad biz.  Since I’ve been interning at Neiman Group, I’ve had the chance to witness great successes as well as some unfortunate losses when it comes to wining pitches.  I’ll start with the unfortunate.  As you may know, Neiman Group has done work with our very own Temple University in the past more specifically the Temple “T” inserted into different words campaign.  They responded to an RFP a few months ago to pitch to brand the Fox School of Business, and weren’t chosen.  It was a tough pill to swallow for Neiman Group since they pride themselves on work they do for higher education, not to mention Neiman is filled with many Temple Alums.  Nonetheless, the New Business team reassured the agency that they would do everything they could to improve for their next client pitch and that they would remain confident in their abilities, and sometimes you just aren’t the right agency for the job for whatever reason.

Now on to some great news!  Keeping their heads held high after a slight upset of losing the pitch to Temple, Neiman Group is very excited to say that their newest client is the National Constitution Center, right here in Philadelphia! The team is all very excited and on board with this client.  It’s close to both history’s and Philadelphia’s heart, so Neiman Group will put their all into making an awesome campaign.  You can look to see some of Neiman Group’s work for the Constitution Center as early as this summer, so keep your eyes peeled!


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