Your Future Employer’s Past Self

Life is full of false barriers built almost entirely by ourselves. Lack of confidence, fear of the unknown, and skipping your morning bowl of Wheaties (seriously, comparing yourself to the cereal box cut out of an Olympic Gold Medalist charged multiple times for narcotic use does wonders for one’s self esteem) are all self inflicted fences that college students need to learn how to clear.

Let’s look at these professionals that, for most students, come off as intimidating figures who hold the vice grip on potential jobs. In case you didn’t know, they all were our age once and felt exactly what we’re currently feeling. Also, Santa Clause isn’t real. What I’m trying to say is: stop second guessing yourself! These “hard nosed professionals” have soft hearts, I’m talking teddy bear status soft. They genuinely are looking to help you through this stressful time.

I’ve come realize this while being a copywriting intern at LevLane Advertising | PR | Interactive. Everyone here takes such a genuine interest in all the intern’s future careers. Having all the same insecurities that I mentioned above, serving as an intern at LevLane has done wonders for my confidence as well as technical skills. Once you become comfortable with actually believing that you bring something unique to the conference table, things will begin to line up. Then it’s up to that battle-tested work ethic and innate talent to close out the job. So when you’re feeling overwhelmed or intimidated, just remember that all professionals were just like you: talented students who are the future of this industry.

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  1. This resonates strongly with me. Insecurities are natural when we are confronting an unfamiliar challenge. And so as a college student it’s easy to question whether or not we have what it takes to excel at an internship, but I’ve come to realize–just as you have–that nobody wants you to fail. At Harmelin Media, where I am currently interning, I have found my coworkers and supervisors to be extremely helpful and informative. I’m glad that you were able to find the same at LevLane, and that it helped you to overcome these natural insecurities.

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