April 2013

#TornadoWeek Targets Interns

As the semester is winding down, a lot of use are finishing up our internships or on the search for one for the summer. We’ve all been in the position where we’ve had to work tireless hours and drain our brains in hopes of impressing our bosses. Well, what if you were going about your normal day, but periodically blasted with tornado winds that are controlled by public mentions of #TornadoWeek on Twitter? This week, during Tornado Week, The Weather Channel has a group of excited interns who came up with the idea to have their office blasted by Twitter powered tornado winds. If you tweet @TornadoWeek, the interns will receive your message, so go ahead and send some winds their way! They’ve even set a goal at 1,000,000 mentions to blast the office with a full-blown EF-5 tornado. Good luck to the world’s most dedicated interns.

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Intern Life: One Year Later

I have had the unusual privilege to transition my summer internship at PNC Bank, into a fall internship and finishing up with a spring internship. As I now come upon one year in the same job, I have seen a glimpse of the dedication and persistence it takes as a professional. We as college student interns see a snapshot of what a working business model is and how it feels to work in a ‘real world’ setting. However, we capture our interpretation of that, generally, in three to five short months. I have learned that the key to being a good employee, in any profession, is maintaining interest and revitalizing your excitement towards your job. With that, it is easier said than done, jobs can become monotonous and stale after you have been doing them for a long period of time. I’m sure that there is not a single person who has ever loved their job every day, every year for their entire career but staying positive curbs the bad days.
As prospective advertising and marketing professionals we are granted a luxury many other professions are not. Our jobs are constantly changing, which makes maintaining longevity at a particular company easier. I have learned in my year at PNC that, even though it’s a more entertaining field of work, making copies and filing paperwork is never, ever exciting, but it is part of the job. Additionally, I have learned that after a few months, the excitement of the new internship wears off; however, it is at that point as an intern you need to dedicate yourself that much more. Being on time to work and finishing projects by the set deadline sets apart interns who are there for the credit, and those who actively want to be considered for full-time positions.

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140 Characters to 6 Seconds of Branding

Screen Shot 2013-04-25 at 11.50.53 AM

 Vine, released just a few short months ago, has already made a big impact in the social and mobile advertising world. Vine has already been employed by various brands to promote their products. Advertisers now have 6 second spots to fill as opposed to the 140 character limit found on Twitter. Brands can now engage with consumers in a conversation via 6 second video clips, much life gifs.

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Happy Earth Day, Google!




Happy Earth Day 2013! While you’re all being especially green today, do yourself a favor and head over to Google‘s homepage to see their interactive logo for the day. Google has presented us with a beautiful landscape that goes through the changing of the seasons. As the sun moves westward and the moon goes through it’s phases, the seasons pass, showing us different days starting with spring going slowly into summer, fall, and winter.

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Branding Yourself on LinkedIn

Throughout many of my classes, the majority of the teachers have been strong in pushing the professional use of social media. Facebook and Twitter are easy for us to use because they cross with our personal social lives. We know how to use them because we are on them all the time any way. One tool that I think slips a lot of our minds is LinkedIn, the world’s largest professional network. The purpose of LinkedIn is for us to broadcast our professional experience to connect with colleagues, teachers, mentors, and potential employers. If used correctly, LinkedIn can be a great tool for connecting to people in our industries as well as finding and acquiring jobs. So, how can someone use LinkedIn effectively? Here are just a few tips that I’ve found through my own research and experience using the site.

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Seeing The Music Business From The View Of A Trade Association


The National Association of Recording Merchandisers (NARM) is a trade association for the music industry. NARM and digitalmusic.org, NARM’s sister organization, hold a convention each year. This year’s convention, Music Biz 2013, is being held in Los Angeles. The convention brings together every part of the music business including retailers, record labels, distributors, and start-ups, to discuss issues within the industry, share ideas, and learn about how the industry is evolving.

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My MOD Journey



My name is Lacy Balistrieri and I have been interning at the March of Dimes Southeastern Pennsylvania Division since August. At first I was thrilled at the opportunity, but confused on what I’d actually be doing. The first couple months were tedious. I’m not sure if my original boss felt it risky to delegate her work to another person, or just gave me menial work because she didn’t recognize my strengths yet. Eventually I started working with various people throughout the office because I was completing tasks too efficiently for my supervisor to keep up with. I grew close to her as we came to know each other better, but unfortunately she left March of Dimes for a different position. It was a blessing in disguise.

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Start-Ups Are The New Black

Interning at NARM, one of my main responsibilities is compiling information for Music Biz 2013‘s Official Guide, a comprehensive list of the convention’s schedule, speakers, programs, attendees, sponsors, and award winners. The convention will consist of over 100 speakers educating attendees on a variety of topics and issues relating to the music industry. These presenters are CEOs, presidents, VPs, founders, and higher-ups from major and indie labels, traditional and digital distributors, music services, and apps along with a plethora of other companies. I receive and edit the bio of every single Music Biz 2013 speaker. Through this task, I am learning about the paths these people have taken to success. As I aggregate information on more and more people, I have seen that a lot of the most successful people in the industry have made their own way instead of climbing the traditional ladder.

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The MOD Experience

MOD Worldwide office

This is MOD Worldwide, a small design agency in Center City Philadelphia. But don’t let its size fool you! Within this office are some impressively learned minds in the field of advertising and design. Though there are only a dozen or so full-time employees and a few interns at the moment, the high concentration of talent in one room never ceases to impress. Thus far, I have had the pleasure of sitting in on morning staff meetings, contributing to social media and advertisement executions, and running errands to various offices around the city. It is safe to say that I have gained a lot of insight into the realities of the advertising industry and have learned a great deal about how things work. Usually, the account managers will run through the list of tasks to be completed at the daily staff meeting, after which the designers will update on any progress made and continue completing assignments. The account executives are good at staying on top of projects as well as communication with clients, and the designers can produce really beautiful visual executions. If necessary, I will be able to help with any design edits and search for images, video clips or music tracks to be used in production materials. Just seeing it all come together gives me a better sense of my role in the process as well as what my role could be when I enter the industry as a full-time professional. Granted, there are some days when I am not able to help with anything that is necessarily “creative” work, but I still find the experience positive being able to do anything I can. I’m optimistic that this position will continue to be a productive learning experience and that it will help me find the perfect job in the future. One thing I am grateful for is that I’ll always be able to look back on this semester as my introduction to the professional world and know it was the catalyst to what will hopefully be a long and successful career.

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