The MOD Experience

MOD Worldwide office

This is MOD Worldwide, a small design agency in Center City Philadelphia. But don’t let its size fool you! Within this office are some impressively learned minds in the field of advertising and design. Though there are only a dozen or so full-time employees and a few interns at the moment, the high concentration of talent in one room never ceases to impress. Thus far, I have had the pleasure of sitting in on morning staff meetings, contributing to social media and advertisement executions, and running errands to various offices around the city. It is safe to say that I have gained a lot of insight into the realities of the advertising industry and have learned a great deal about how things work. Usually, the account managers will run through the list of tasks to be completed at the daily staff meeting, after which the designers will update on any progress made and continue completing assignments. The account executives are good at staying on top of projects as well as communication with clients, and the designers can produce really beautiful visual executions. If necessary, I will be able to help with any design edits and search for images, video clips or music tracks to be used in production materials. Just seeing it all come together gives me a better sense of my role in the process as well as what my role could be when I enter the industry as a full-time professional. Granted, there are some days when I am not able to help with anything that is necessarily “creative” work, but I still find the experience positive being able to do anything I can. I’m optimistic that this position will continue to be a productive learning experience and that it will help me find the perfect job in the future. One thing I am grateful for is that I’ll always be able to look back on this semester as my introduction to the professional world and know it was the catalyst to what will hopefully be a long and successful career.

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