Kings in New York

Back in February, I had the pleasure to accompany my internship, Kings Rule Together, to NYC on a vending trip. It was a natural hair event hosted by Taren Guy, a huge supporter of K.R.T. with over 500 people in attendance.  It took me out of my usual role of being behind the scenes doing graphic design to interacting with actual consumers.  Instead of portraying the brand through art, I had to speak with consumers about the brand, our message, and the product. In the beginning, my interactions were dull, but over time I became more comfortable and relaxed talking to customers. The experience allowed me to identify what designs and aspects of the brand appealed most to them. I was able to find out what people thought about the brand, what they liked and disliked. Not only did we make a profit at the event but we did research as well to help us with our image and branding for the future. The aspect I found most helpful were the interactions with consumers. I’m not the most outgoing person, so being forced to sell helped me break out of my shell.

Below are pictures from the event and a few of the lovely ladies that purchased Kings Rule Together.

KRT Event

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