Word Press Launches Portfolio Builder Site

As we are all learning, an online portfolio is a must in this industry. And if your anything like me, the idea of building (or coding… AHH!) your own website is a terribly intimidating idea. Well Word Press just made this a little bit easier for us. If you have never worked with WP, it is essentially an easier website building platform that helps you to manage, create, and customize any website to cater to your needs.

A couple weeks ago they launched their Portfolio Sites. They have more then 30 portfolio themes (and over 200 layouts) that are customizable and interactive to better display your work and your individual style. It’s aimed at photographers, designers, and visual artists in general. You’ll be able to choose from 30 themes and at an extra fee can have access to the CSS for more control over the look.

On their website ( WP Portfolio Site) they have sample layouts, a list of their features and even has sites of people in the industry to show how they utilized everything WP has to offer. Now it looks like there is no excuse to not get a head start on creating your online portfolio.

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