A Good Kind of Sweat


Gillette Print Ad

This week, I took a look at the April 2012 issue of Detail Magazine. In this magazine I found an advertisement that I’ve seen many times before. I was thinking about whether or not I should talk about this advertisement but I am in a very simple advertisement kind of mood. So, the advertisement that I am talking about is for Gillette body wash and deodorant. It’s their odor shield line where it’s meant for people who sweat a lot. Men are prone to sweating a lot because most of us are very active. We play sports and are constantly at the gym trying to look good.

The line for Gillette odor shield supposedly helps men get the smell of sweat away after a shower. The copy on the advertisement says, “Great things can come out of sweat. Don’t let odor stop you.” It’s a campaign for men to keep going about their day after having an active day. The reason why I like this advertisement is because the image is very simple but to the point. Most of you don’t know me but, throughout my portfolio, I try to capture the simplicity in art and design. I think simplicity really works. Rather than creating a crazy, overwhelming advertisement, I think that simple and clean works much better. I keep it simple.

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