A new look at marketing

I’ve been interning at HighPoint Solutions for the past 4 months, which is located in East Norriton. HighPoint Solutions is an IT Consulting company who work closely with HealthCare and Life Sciences businesses. They offer a variety of services from Cloud systems, advisory services, outsourcing, content management, and etc. This has been an amazing experience and I truly enjoy coming into the office everyday. When I first started to study advertising I imagined myself working at a small advertising firm in the city, and working here as opened my eyes to all of the different marketing/advertising opportunities. These past 4 months I have been assisting the marketing department by supporting the sales team, which includes finding them leads, account newsletters, company information, and updating CRM.

Helping the team with this has allowed me to work in a lot of new programs and really taught me a lot about the business. Some of the programs that I have been working in are CRM, which is a customer relationship management program. It allows me to update client information and put in new leads for the sales team. It also allows the sales team to keep track of their clients/leads and helps them to stay organized. It is a very powerful tool that I believe everyone should become familiar with, because it offers such a variety of information and tools that can help a company be extremely successful.

HighPoint Solutions has a very small marketing team (consisting of 4, including me) and was only started up a few years ago. They have been doing an amazing job and have so much work on their hands. It has been such an amazing experience working with them and they have taught me so much over these past 4 months. The graphic designer is actually a recent grad of Temple University, which is cool to be working with another Temple student.

I’m so grateful for having found this internship, pursing it, and landing the position. They have offered me a full time internship starting next week and I’m so excited to start working everyday and building my portfolio and my skills.

I hope everyone has been having an amazing experience at their internships!

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