Adding Client Value Through Creative Leveraging

Advertising executives have a responsibility to provide the client with creative content that holds great value beyond just the message.  The industry requires the work produced by the agency to be powerful and the common trend has been to leverage aspects of the campaign to increase its overall reach in an economic way. The creation of overarching themes in collaboration with complimenting media content used over a range of media channels can offer clients this value while also increasing the impact of the overall campaign.

For example an experiential marketing brand event would achieve a certain amount of impressions based on how many people interacted with it. There is also the residual exposure it would get through individuals sharing their experiences with the event through social media and word of mouth.

There are a number of ways in which an event like this could be leveraged to produce valuable content that can be applied across a number of media in the campaign. “But how, Sheldon?”  Well, let me tell you. Let us use the experiential marketing example I just talked about.  An event like this is usually used to promote brand awareness, the release of a new product, and/or to keep the brand top of mind of the consumer but there are many options to do more.

 Leveraging across media channels

-Having people “check in” to the event on foursquare or facebook will increase brand interaction.

-Setting up a micro site that allows visitors to upload photos of them at the event creates a forum for people to interact with and feel more closely connected to the brand.

-Inviting local and industry bloggers to come to and write about the event will increase the reach and influence of the brand in an organic manner.

-Using Photos from the event as part of a print campaign reduces overall client cost by eliminating days of shooting by wrapping it into an already existing event and using people in the event instead of having to hire actors.

-The same can be said for video taken by hired videographers at the event which can be used as content for the micro site, spliced in as part of 30 second or 60second commercials or, used as part of the brand youtube channel.

All of these examples show the ways in which one aspect of a campaign can be leveraged to produce valuable content pieces while also cutting cost on the production of creative work incurred by the client.  And using parts of these content pieces throughout a number of media can also help to form add another level of cohesion to the campaign.

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