“Adobé Fotoshop” Parody Mocks Fashion Industry

California film maker Jesse Rossen was inspired to create this funny-yet-tragically-true Photoshop parody, titled “Adobé Fotoshop” after seeing an overly dramatic and quite obviously re-touched wrinkle remover infomercial late one night.

Rossen, through creative direction and sarcasm, describes Photoshop as a “beauty industry secret”, and something that “after just one application will give you results so dramatic, they’re almost unreal…-istic.” The parody also goes on to name the key tools used in airbrushing as if they were regular beauty products that can be purchased at a drug store: Healing brush to target blemishes, Hue/Saturation to alter your hair, skin and eye color, and Liquify to reshape your body without any exercise. “Why eat healthy and exercise when you could just look like you do?” Brilliant.

Though I doubt this video will break ground against the airbrushing obsession in Hollywood and the media, it certainly sheds light on just how many images we look at have without a doubt been altered.

Don’t stress ladies – you’re looking at images, not photos.

Source: AdWeek

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