My name is Tyler Correa and I’m a senior student in the Lew Klein College of Media and Communication. I’m currently finishing my undergraduate degree in Advertising with a concentration in Brand Strategy and Research. This is my final semester at Temple University and I had the pleasure of completing it with an opportunity to intern at ChatterBlast Media.

At ChatterBlast, I was an Ads & Analytics intern under Giuseppe (Joe) Mineo, the Ads & Analytics Manager. Joe was a wonderful mentor and helped grow my understanding of paid social media advertising on platforms such as Facebook and Twitter. Prior to this experience, my only digital advertising experience was relative to Google Ads, and I utilized this opportunity to broaden these relative skills into different platforms.

Building reports of key performance indicators (KPIs) and analyzing data for clients kept me engaged throughout this internship, as I found it interesting monitoring and tracking trends in campaign performances. In addition, I learned how to budget, schedule, and pace digital ads on various social media platforms. I’ve always been drawn to more technical and analytical roles in marketing and advertising; Under Joe’s supervision, I’ve learned enough to feel extremely comfortable and confident with my proficiency in social media advertising.

I highly recommend students interested in digital marketing to consider an analytics internship at ChatterBlast. The agency is wonderful and puts a tremendous amount of effort into ensuring its interns have positive and educational experiences. It’s rewarding to see how all of the work given to interns is important and valued by the agency – Projects were abundant, and never felt overwhelming or pointless. Joe is a wonderful mentor with plenty of knowledge to share, and I’m amazed by how much learning he helped me digest at such a comfortable and fast pace.